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The field of action of the Demipage publishing house is broad, but doable; we do not publish beyond our possibilities. As well as our collections of narrative, and everything we publish under our own name, at Demipage we are open to making those projects that grab our attention into reality, such as the numerous school publications we have been doing since we began; proposals that require great professionalism, an effort of imagination, in short, a passionate publishing challenge that keeps us on our toes. (Download examples of completed works below.) The tasks of our publishing workshop comprise the most technical and orthodox commissions, for which we make all our experience available to the client. From the exhaustive knowledge of the curriculums of each subject, for both ESO (GCSE - equivalent) and Baccalaureate levels, in the last ten years in which the Spanish education system has undergone two educational reforms (and a third is on the way), our experience in this area has been used by the large publishing groups such as Oxford University Press, Hachette o Santillana, to name just a few.

Despite the complexity of these projects, where we are commissioned from the more classic editing and correction, through to the translation of texts (our ease in working with the official languages in Spain has enabled us to complete highly significant projects in Galicia, the Valencian Community, Catalonia and the Basque Country), as well as the creation of covers and inside layouts, graphic adaptations, editorial monitoring, cartography, iconography (as well as the management of photographic files with the parent company or agencies), granting of rights, etc.

Our team, comprising highly qualified editors, translators, illustrators and designers, enable the comprehensive realisation of this kind of project. Works where commitment to perfect finishing touches define our “modus operandi”. (See examples.)

Beyond the field of education, more and more companies commission us to produce their institutional books, centenary books, catalogues of activities and infinite personalised documents, where our mission is to adapt to their very specific needs. In these modern times with the use of digital formats, we also have iPad and eBook applications and html5 web content.
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