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In a world that is not just globalised but interconnected at all times, on a planet with ever closer hemispheres and that does not sleep, translation tools are increasingly indispensable.

Since 1999, even before Demipage was founded as a publishing house, we have been providing translation services, with the highest guarantee of accuracy regarding the original text and a commitment to quality in the wording. We work with a team of highly experienced professionals in the translation of technical, legal, literary and corporate texts, among others, and in writing texts in the different world languages, without forgetting the closest, such as Catalan, Galician, Valencian or Basque.

Ask us for a quote for any type of work, whether on-line or printed publications, we deal with all kinds of digital files for internal documents, corporate publications, annual accounts, annual company directories, technical manuals (engineering, agriculture, medicine, literature, etc.), DVD, subtitles, transcriptions, etc. During the 14 years of the agency, we have been able to choose the most qualified translator for each speciality to offer any language combination. We provide personalised solutions for any language-related need, big or small (a letter, a fax, a cv).

We also have interpreters and the necessary equipment to guarantee perfect sound quality for delegates at conferences with simultaneous interpretation. Ask us for details.
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