A publishing idea
With the goal as ambitious as it is beautiful to “write with books”, the Demipage catalogue includes those authors who are in tune with the editorial idea of this publishing house, the Demipage editorial. Our work comprises, above anything else, in respecting their creative world, their rhythm of production and in pampering their proposals with appropriate designs we create in our own design workshop, so each artistic universe reaches the reader with guaranteed authenticity. Later on, we convince all the elements of the publishing sector, whether distributors, sales supports or the press, that life does not end with the large groups, as there is a reader for our range.

Upon taking the decision to create a publishing house that accommodated all those creative proposals that we never saw or read before, or to put it another way, that were always near us but never set out in a book, we were aware that the journey would begin with a crossing through the desert that could be long, slow and full of obstacles. That the oasis we may encounter would never be enough to quench the thirst of the whole group. And that sometimes the road is not straight, as there is always a straggler who decides to get lost among the dunes, taking their time to enjoy the sand or simply to slow down to enjoy their own adventure and to return later on with a bundle of stories to tell. Next year, 2013, we celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

The commitment of Demipage is to promote a series of creators, young and old, acclaimed works, others that are yet to be discovered, unorthodox in their discipline, and with a great commitment to writing. But as well as writers and poets, illustrators, photographers, etc., princesses and dragons that get on the Demipage bicycle, our intention is no other than to disseminate their proposals to demanding readers.

Today, Demipage is a launch pad for all those artists who did not always have access to the most commercial circuits of the publishing industry, as is the case with our new investments, and a display for some of the most significant or committed works of European contemporary literature of the last few years, specifically shown in our collections of Spanish and French fiction. But also, tribute books that enable us to discover all the works of our beloved authors and reach the reader if most dignified way possible, as is the case with Cien Mil millones de poemas, a tribute to Raymond Queneau (National Award winner for the best edited book 2012), No me gustaría palmarla by Boris Vian, ¿Y si pongo una palabra? by Antonio Vega, legends converted into books. A collection for those most open-minded people, the children’s collection ‘tite page, complete our range.

This catalogue, as well as including all the titles provided so far and those that are to come, aims to be in appreciation for all our readers, for those booksellers and critics, proud of their profession, who support our work, and I hope continue to do so. But, above all, it aims to be a tribute to all our authors, who encourage us to continue with our adventure and who teach us that the history of a publishing house is written day by day. We are doing that.

In favour of that severity that Italo Calvino claimed as his facet as editor of Einaudi, and aware that, unfortunately, there is not enough room for everyone, at Demipage we try to flee from that other spectre that Calvino himself confessed to, that of cynicism, celebrating each new book that enters our catalogue, and sharing it as best we can with our readers.

We hope to meet your expectations and invite you to be part of our publications and, as a reader, to get on the Demipage bicycle.
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